The problem:
SharePoint 2010 comes only with support of Tag Cloud for social tags which usage is not straightforward. It requires business solutions to be dependent on social features. Thus social tags can be activated for document libraries, but limited to keywords term set (that is also used in I like it functionality) and can’t be activated OOB for regular lists.

The solution:
Managed Metadata Tag Cloud Web Part is developed to display a tag cloud based on Term Set values. Term usage is calculated based on Search results for a Managed Property that should be mapped to the fields that use values of the Term Set.

Project is implemented as a web part that makes ajax request a web service (using jQuery) to minimize page load time as processing a large Term Set can take significant amount of time. project is used to generate tag cloud markup.

Installation & Configuration instruction:

Planned features:
  1. Localization
  2. Caching
  3. SharePoint Foundation support for a single Site Collection (querying data using SPSiteDataQuery)
  4. Option to display only personally tagged items
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